The Mark of Man

by The Mark of Man

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released July 19, 2010


all rights reserved



The Mark of Man Auckland, New Zealand

The Mark of Man make no compromises. We are angry. We are sorrowful. We want change. We express this through music we find both cathartic and fulfilling. Please listen.

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Track Name: The Albatross
The Albatross

Our children and swine, betrothed to the misery we have bequeathed
Dressed to the nines in our failures, a pound of flesh, an ounce of sympathy

What have we become?
This monolith of moral isolation
We are their “lords and masters”
And we are their only hope
With the still hearts in our chests
How could we not be ashamed?

The child and the sow cower beneath the separation
As we tower above, void of indignation

This is the autonomous behemoth we have become
Free from the weight of the conscience
Free from pleas of those below

What have we become?
This monolith of moral isolation
We are their “lords and masters”
And we are their only hope
With the still hearts in our chests
How could we not be ashamed?

This heart is cold
This heart is dead
This heart is ours
Track Name: Bête Noire
Bête Noire

The bleeding and bloodied stumps point
Shriveled fingers painting grievances in coagulated blood
And this is what we amass to
A gluttonous void of self affirmers and Davidian clones
Baring yellowed teeth of judgment and cast stones

Vehemently glaring outward but never to reflect
We sentence and strike like the wrath of the Golithian
Before the tsunami of spite and slant will put us in the ground

Reflection has been retired
And the sigh of the animus is all that’s left
A supporting cast of villains, pariahs, and the proud
Not a well wisher in sight

To the deceivers, lay a posy of miasma on the grave
For the believers, never lain to rest, but laid to waste

“We are gathered here today, to alleviate our many insecurities
To spit on the subdued and deprecate
Vomit eulogies upon the remains”
Track Name: Like Broken Bones
Like Broken Bones

Hooded masses bite through their tongues to keep them still
While black eyes look on in glee, we drown in their swill
A precedent of myopic trade offs has been set
Fathered by moral putrefaction, and mothered by regret

“Progress” turns the stomachs of the weak
And feeds upon the hearts of lions

The imperialist marches forth to conquer and divide
“You are either for us or against us, so best you choose a side”
Civil liberties buried in a black and white nation ruled by knaves
Inhumed alongside those placed facedown in shallow graves

Your democracy has been whittled down to a point
To drive straight into the heart of non believers

With each labored step, soil is turned upon the submissive
(And) with each labored step, they lay this treacherous cement
Vitriolic foundations protrude like broken bones
As your autonomy vanishes beneath the silt and stone
Track Name: Sleepwalkers

Cold as all life, and blacker than the blackest pitch
Sunken dead eyes (hearts), sleeping and sullen
Feet dragging, in silence we lumber
Forever treading this well worn path
Following the bloodied footsteps of our forefathers, the bastards

Just as we devour, so too has our conscious been ravaged
It hangs in tatters, as a billion hopes dangle by this single thread
Waiting to be swallowed by the abyss of human nature

As lavish fictions drip from the maw
The forgotten hearts seep concrete
Out of sight of the sleepwalkers
Born into misery, to die broken and alone
Track Name: Breath of the Penitent Man
Breath of the Penitent


With your hands to the skies, form the sign that all will be absolved
Through stigmata sins, and perfect grins that beckon to us all

For only those of the flock of lambs
Can hope to grace the promised land
While the heathens will be set to burn
Forever in your hell

As utopian dreams poise, preparing to malign
Gold hearts that may have not be cast from the blood of christ
Cast off the shackles and flagellate the keeper of gates
To become one of the few who are not content to wait
For this world to rot away

Where thoughts of self void the thoughts of all
Where the call of the heavens deafens ears to the sound of now
Where a just man is piously defined
This is where the selfish over selfless shall reside
Track Name: Death to Monsanto
Death to Monsanto

With a gun pressed to the head, scripts are recited
Word for fallacious word
The truth swallowed, but never digested
A deception so cancerous

How can we save ourselves, when the serpents unseen
When the contagion lies generations deep
The very rights to life itself, swallowed by the leviathan

The ‘natural order of things’, distorted by the ego of man
Spreading this patented plague, engineered by the partisan

How can we save ourselves, when the threat is unseen
When the contagion lies generations deep
This transgenic virus can never be undone

The gene police to burn and plunder
Force the faces into the trough, surrender
Age old tradition razed to the ground
Choke on their bile, we will choke on their bile

Burn them all

The multinational blinders in place, dollars signs to dig burial mounds
Destined to lie in poisoned soil, ‘neath this empire founded on hollow ground
Track Name: Misadventures in Self Surgery
Misadventures in Self Surgery

I once bled the colour of poison
But you would never understand
So far removed from what once was
I am now a hollow man

The wound could never be cleaned and stunk while cauterized
And the crude stitches spelt out every failure I had once denied

The heart of the hypocrite
So bitter and defined

Cut the stitches
Reopen the wound
Dig deep for the meaning
Cut away the rotting tissue
Sever the veins that feed every action, every lie
Suck the marrow clean from the bone

To try in vain to stem the infection or to spread it as far as I can
No hope of reparation, defeated long before I began

To offer for sacrifice
The nihilist or the narrator
When they are one and the same
The sinner and saviour
My hopes, they run like blood
As my fictions burn to the ground
For shame, the futility
These scars, the foulest cross to bear

Please let me undo all that has been done
This reversal of myself, this reversal of man
Track Name: Bastille

When the hands of man are not bound by moral, nor law, nor life
Not bound but funded, fostered and freed
Fearful eyes grieve and deafening silence screams
The antithesis of empathy, lives void of life unleashed

Through bloodless bodies and lifeless thieves
The terror of the institution honed and primed
Absolute subjugation, no commiseration
True nature unmasked, true horror defined

The tyrannical and the torturers coalesce
Exsanguinate the masses, the bloodlust fed
Mouths widen till jaws crack and swell
The devil in white revealed, billions residing in your hell

Hundreds of thousands of unwilling martyrs to false science every fucking day
Track Name: Definitions

While the vermin and victims claw at the rubble
The famine of empathy rewards its vultures well
As they feast upon the canaries
Long dead in the darkest filth of the coal mines

These bones are the mark of man
The black eyes of the vulture are the mark of man
And it weighs upon my heart like a tonne of coal
Combustible and dead

The stillness reveals that there is nothing left beneath
As the darkest filth flows through their spidery veins
The decay in their hearts will return these bones to the blackness of the earth

These bones are the mark of man
The black eyes of the vulture are the mark of man
And it weighs upon my heart like a tonne of coal
Combustible and dead
Track Name: We Sever the Hand that Feeds
We Sever the Hand That Feeds

And silently she breathes to me
And I can hear with perfect ears
But I cannot make my mouth form the words she needs
As this culture of reversals writes us all into oblivion

Visionaries blinded, and zealots praised
Plunderers rejoice, the faceless razed
Conquerors devour while the nameless weep
And as she sighs, she deafens me

Heretics are burnt, and contracts are signed
Freedoms are swallowed, false prophecies divined
While the seraphic burn, aphotic wills are freed
And as she sighs, she deafens me

The empty hope that the hollow cling to
Is the halo that sits atop the forbearer’s tomb
With bated breath our ancestors lie
As they suffocate beneath the weight, they gasp “for shame”

The balance of everything is falling apart, and so are we
And as all we have known crumbles into the sea
The Judases amongst us whisper “Maybe.. it’s best this way”
With noose in hand, we all climb the tree

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