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Oh our great monolith, birthed from crossed out eyes and iron fists
Slovenly it writhes, child of the despots and indifferent
Fractured foundations, groan and buckle beneath it's dead weight
Until it all comes crashing down, chorused by the silence of apathy
Until it burns

Our lost children to wander amongst the ashes of dismembered lambs
To inhale the cancerous ether - breathe deep their foul inheritance

Nail the faceless to the cross and let them rot for all to see
While to every ear forked tongue whispers salivate
Satiate the sheep with blotted dreams and watch them slumber
Until it all comes crashing down, echoed by sacrificial screams
Until it burns

The most miserable bequeathing, generational rot from hand to hand
To inhale the cancerous ether - breathe deep their foul inheritance

As skull and jaw bone separate
Like freedoms dissected dissipate
This does not have to be our fate
If we understand that silence is defeat

Through gagged mouths and broken teeth
Pounding chests and defiant hearts beneath
We must remember that we control our destiny
For tomorrow, together we shall be
We shall rewrite history

If we remember, silence is defeat


from Exeunt, released August 21, 2014



all rights reserved


The Mark of Man Auckland, New Zealand

The Mark of Man make no compromises. We are angry. We are sorrowful. We want change. We express this through music we find both cathartic and fulfilling. Please listen.

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