by The Mark of Man

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The Mark of Man are:

Ben C. Read - Vocals
Christian Humphreys - Guitars, Bass
Corey Friedlander - Drums


released August 21, 2014

Guest vocals on “Lament” by Frederick Bain
Guest solo on “Lament” by James Boyd
Guest solo on “Greys” by Steve Boag

All music by The Mark of Man
All lyrics by Ben C. Read

Instruments tracked by Christian Humphreys at Hakanoa St, Grey Lynn & Kotinga Ave, Glen Eden 2011-2012

Vocals tracked by Ben C. Read at Cloud Nine Studios, Yokohama & Studio Mugic, Tokyo 2014

Mixed and mastered by James Boyd, Trajan Schwencke & Christian Humphreys at Dreadstorm Media, June 2014

Cover art by Alex Eckman-Lawn
Layout & additional artworks by Seiya Ogino courtesy of Ogino Design


all rights reserved



The Mark of Man Auckland, New Zealand

The Mark of Man make no compromises. We are angry. We are sorrowful. We want change. We express this through music we find both cathartic and fulfilling. Please listen.

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Track Name: One With the Tides
Sunken chests cast stone anchors to the depths
As these volcanic lungs threaten to erupt
Swallowed whole, into the emptiness below
Taken with the torrents, we sink, lost and alone

Is it possible to take another breath
To starve the vultures trapped deep within our chests?
Struggling with the tides, take my hand, because I believe we
We are never alone

Fatalist instinct, the silt within the soul
Funereal gloom, overwhelming, black as coal
With concrete hearts, we hang at the precipice
Resigned to become one with the abyss

Take my hand, because I need to believe
We are never alone

Surface, redeem, inhale your dreams
Spew forth the blackest days and watch them dissipate
Rebirth of tragedy, to mark the day we won
Track Name: Monolithic
Oh our great monolith, birthed from crossed out eyes and iron fists
Slovenly it writhes, child of the despots and indifferent
Fractured foundations, groan and buckle beneath it's dead weight
Until it all comes crashing down, chorused by the silence of apathy
Until it burns

Our lost children to wander amongst the ashes of dismembered lambs
To inhale the cancerous ether - breathe deep their foul inheritance

Nail the faceless to the cross and let them rot for all to see
While to every ear forked tongue whispers salivate
Satiate the sheep with blotted dreams and watch them slumber
Until it all comes crashing down, echoed by sacrificial screams
Until it burns

The most miserable bequeathing, generational rot from hand to hand
To inhale the cancerous ether - breathe deep their foul inheritance

As skull and jaw bone separate
Like freedoms dissected dissipate
This does not have to be our fate
If we understand that silence is defeat

Through gagged mouths and broken teeth
Pounding chests and defiant hearts beneath
We must remember that we control our destiny
For tomorrow, together we shall be
We shall rewrite history

If we remember, silence is defeat
Track Name: The Craven
Swirling muck in the periphery
The stench of wroth, wroth and malice
Rotten words seep through rotting teeth
This is the reign of the craven

Among the plaguebringers, the ones who seep the fetid scorn
Internalise the casting stones, scars that eclipse the brittle bones
Indoctrinate, alpha domain, skewed paradigm, the victims blamed

Fuck these iron fists
Despotic psyche
With bloodied throats and wrists
Vapid hearts lie in our midst
As we rot in the age of the narcissist

The buried lightbringers, whose souls do weep from fearful eyes
A cup of swill pressed to their lips from blighted dawn till putrid dusk
The nausea, majority, they dominate, in misery

Hollowed, lurking in plain sight
Indoctrination to absurdity
Reversal of roles, the truest of beasts

The viral thieves of light and virtue
Empathetic void ‘neath egos crown
Shoulder to monstrous shoulder, looming
So called humanity nowhere to be found

So to the hollowest of skies, I’ll pray for your death
I pray for your death
Track Name: Memorandum
A note to self, to cauterise my very soul
Remembrance, memories cast in solid gold
Reticence, as I swallow every single word
Complacency, the rot that festers to the core

Fading light, but it's my hands over my eyes
Blinding light, please shine through these stigmata sights

Choral lamentations for that which should have never been
Vows and voices echo within the swirling black again
Contritious memories ache while they course through every vein
With every instance punctuated with “never again”

Fading light, but it's my hands over my eyes
Blinding light, please shine through these stigmata sights

Never again, unspoken declaration of my whole
My love, my quintessence
You are my all

Fading light, but it's my hands over my eyes
Blinding light, please shine through these stigmata sights
Track Name: Lament
Hear my lament!

With my head in my hands, I wait for answers
But in the cold I feel so alone

Trapped and buried beneath the burden of a conscience of billions
Decaying and deceiving in the browns and greys of antipathy
Dwelling with the dissection of motives and memories
Look me in the eyes till only the whites remains

I cannot breathe
These leaden arteries, I cry for reprieve
I cannot breathe
These leaden arteries, they are all I know

I cannot breathe
These leaden arteries, blackened with decay and grief
I cannot breathe
These leaden arteries, they’ve reaped what you’ve sown

The heaviest heart that ever existed (I cannot breathe)
It pins me to the ground with crippled limbs
Choking, facedown in the shit and swill
And I reflect “Why should we exist?” (I cannot breathe)

The light only hides the shadows that have always existed
But will it be enough?
What have I done, what haven’t I done?
It was never enough
Lost, shamed and guilty, deep down I know you tried
I know I tried
But it wasn’t enough
It was never enough

Hear my lament
Watch me grieve
I cannot trust
I cannot breathe
Hear my lament
And watch me grieve
I cannot be trusted
I cannot breathe

Hear my lament
I’m so fucking sorry
Track Name: Greys
A billion ragged sighs of pestilence
A billion swallowed dreams
Omnipotent and infinite
Shaking hands, never so sure, or so severe

Malevolence and violence
Taut, beneath every fibre
Mirrored by grace and beauty
Benevolent and free
Through the skin we see shadows
Yet the tongue remains still
If we could flex every muscle
If we could free the free willed

Smoke pours from the foundations
As we are clouded by the greys

Shining blacks and depths unknown
Passive love and the meek
Excuse and truth are one the same
To those who cannot speak

Echoed by every movement
In this moment you are everything
The weight that may not exist
Crushes some and liberates
There are no rights and wrongs
And no black and no whites
There are no absolutes
Just two hands and one fate

Smoke pours from the foundations
As we are clouded by the greys
With ashen lungs nothing remains
Just two hands, two hands and one fate
Through the reddest of eyes nothing shall remain
Just two hands, and one fate

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